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Nepalese Asylum Case on Hold for 5 Years is Finally Approved. 

Our client represented himself in his asylum interview. Unfortunately, the case was not decided but rather was sent to Washington DC for review. Despite his attempts to  get the case adjudicated, it remained on hold for 5 years.  Lisa Green and Associates was able to track down the application, convince Washington DC that he was eligible for asylum and send the case back to the Asylum Office. Our client was just recently approved for asylum. 

The terrorism laws in the United States are very broad and the US  government can classify innocent people as terrorists even though they have never done anything violent or committed any kind of crime. Our client applied for a green card over ten years ago but the government held the case  stating that our wonderful client was considered a terrorist even though she is a devoted mother, hard worker,  and had never committed any violent act or committed any crime in her life.  We were successful in convincing USCIS to grant her application and she now has a green card, one that she has been waiting for for over 10 years. We are so happy for her and her family. Now they can get the benefits that they deserve and are on the path to US citizenship.

Bella Clark